PSSV-2011. Workshop Program

Friday, June 06

Session 1 Chair V. Sokolov
10:00–10:30 M. Akhin, S. Kolton and V. Itsykson “Random Model Sampling: Making Craig Interpolation Work When It Should Not”
10:30–11:00 M. Belyaev, K.Gagarski, M.Petrov and V. Itsykson “Using a Bounded Model Checker for Test Generation: How to Kill Two Birds with One SMT-solver”
11:00–11:30 N. Garanina, E. Bodin and E. Sidorova “Using SPIN for Verification of Multi-agent Data Analysis”
11:30–12:00 Cofee-break
Session 2 Chair: V. Zakharov
12:00–12:30 S. Chernenok and V. Nepomniaschy “Analysis and Verification of Message Sequence Charts of Distributed Systems Using Coloured Petri Nets”
12:30–13:00 V. Kotlyarov, P. Drobintsev, I. Nikiforov, A. Letichevsky and V. Peschanenko “Approach to Behavior Scenarios Debugging”
Session 3 Chair: V.Kuliamin
15:00–15:30 V. Bashkin and N.Panfilova “On the Soundness of Parallel Compositions of Resource-Constrained Workflow Nets”
15:30–16:00 E. Chemeritskiy and V. Zakharov “On the Network Update Problem for Software Defined Networks”
16:00–16:30 A. Promsky and D. Kondratyev “Towards the 'Verified Verifier'. Theory and Practice”
16:30–17:00 Cofee-break
Session 4 Chair: V.Nepomniaschy
17:00–18:00 Panel discussion “Actual Problems of Program Verification. From Theory to Applications”. Panelists: V.Itsykson, V.Kuliamin, V.Sokolov, V. Zakharov